Project Introduction

[Sledge Hammer]

Brand:Yuantong Name:sledge hammer with plastic coating handle Raw material:45# carbon steel Handle material:TPR Size:2LBS-20LBS support customization Application:hand work,home work,decoration work,factory construction and break the glass,escape and

Product Case

Raw material is high carbon steel and high pressure drop forged.

1、  Electroplating and polishing,elegant appearance,impact resistance,durable.

2、  Double color soft rubber handle. Environmental protection,good appreance,  good toughness, water-proof and electricity-proof, strong and security

3、   Special embedded technology. Never fall off and Non-rust treatment. Good performance.

4、  Hammer head is made of high carbon steel material,not easy to deformation,fragile,never cracking,lifelong quality assurance

5、 Hammer head edge quenching process,the quenching greatly enhances the durability of the hammer